About Us

Holistic Yoga Founded in 2014 by Yogi Mahesh Vaidya, this is a non-profit organization. Our genuine and unparalleled desire to bring forward a positive transformation in the community through healthy lifestyle changes. We do this without any expectations or monetary benefits. Our only aim is to bring health and wellness around us so that this world will be a better place to live!

We focus on training people on:

Power yoga — an extremely dynamic and versatile form of yoga, which equates to strength training exercises and gives a complete body workout
Hatha yoga — the more gentle and calming exercise which increases flexibility and inner well-being
Dynamic Flow Yoga
Pranayama or breathing exercises
Meditation is the ability to empty the mind of thoughts and distractions
Furthermore, we take an interest in every student, gently coaxing, motivating and guiding them towards their goal. We also advise on dietary modifications in order to achieve the desired level of physical fitness/weight loss.

About Founder:

A highly successful entrepreneur, Mahesh is the owner and CEO of ISIT (data storage and security company based in UAE with 6 offices in the region). A renowned figure in the industry known for his calm and gentle demeanour, he is also the Chairman of the Middle East Committee for SNIA, Europe. In addition to technology, his passion extends to yoga, spirituality and healthy diets. His mantra is “Everything in moderation”. Mahesh was introduced to yoga at a very young age and had been diligently practising it for over 33 years.

Between the busy schedules of running a very successful company and flying to the US, China or South Africa for business, Mahesh sets aside time every week to impart his knowledge of yoga and spirituality to the community wherever he is. His patience and commitment are unimaginable.

Although popular today, yoga is highly commercialized everywhere and focuses more on the postures or asanas alone. Mahesh sets an example here by teaching all aspects of yoga purely with the intent of helping people. In addition to the asanas or postures, he guides each of his students mentally and spiritually, leading them on a path toward realising their inner purpose and divinity. Commendable here is the fact that he also runs a very successful business.

His passion for giving this service to people is admirable, especially considering that he is not only conducting these classes free of cost with full devotion to his group but also goes to other locations at different times of the day & week to impart this knowledge and share the wonderful gift he has.

Mahesh practices what he preaches and sets a good example of work-life balance, doing his duty without expectations, and “the art of giving”. The continued growth of his followers is a good benchmark of how he has positively impacted lives. Each of his students is consciously bringing about behavioural and attitude changes in everyday life, thereby contributing to the betterment of society.

A Registered Yoga school:

Holistic yoga is a registered yoga school with the International Yoga Alliance to train yoga teachers.