Satsang : Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s Enlightment

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is a well know saint and was a famous Kaali devotee (bakhta). (Kaali is a Mythological Hindu Goddess). Because of this deep devotion, when he closes his eyes, he could always visualize Kaali’s image . But he knew that something was lacking within him, he was not getting into a 100% meditative state […]

What is the difference between “Kamam”, “Sneham” and “Premam”?

What is the difference between “Kamam”, “Sneham” and “Premam”? “Kamam” – Physical attractions, Lust etc. “Sneham” – Is more to do with the mind (mental attraction). “Premam” – is Spiritual attraction, divine love. According the Sankaracharya, “Premam” is “Anusandanam”. “Anusandanam” – is continuously dissolving into the inner silence or divinity. Most of us experience Kamam […]