Satsang : Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s Enlightment

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is a well know saint and was a famous Kaali devotee (bakhta). (Kaali is a Mythological Hindu Goddess). Because of this deep devotion, when he closes his eyes, he could always visualize Kaali’s image .

But he knew that something was lacking within him, he was not getting into a 100% meditative state or samadhi state. So he decided to approach his guru Thotapuri. He asked his guru “whenever I close my eyes I can see Kalli but i feel that there is something missing in experience”. In fact, he was in search of bliss – the supreme happiness. Which was always eluding him.

Thotapuri asked Ramakrishna “when you close your eyes what do you see?” Ramakrishna said “I see Kali”. Then Thotapuri asked “what is in Kalli’s hand?” Ramkrishna said, she has a very sharp sword”. Thotapuri said “Take the sword from Kalli’s hand”. Initially Ramakrishna hesitate and said he can’t. Finally, with great difficulty he visualized taking Kalli’s sword. Thotapuri said “ Now cut and destroy the image of Kalli using the sword”. Ramkrishna visualized the image and cut the Kalli again and again. Finally the image disappeared from his perception.

After that Ramakrishna Paramahamsa sat there with closed eyes for three days continuously in deep meditative trance. When the image of Kalli disappeared he eventually entered into true bliss consciousness. Thothapuri left him alone to experience the bliss.

The image of the Kalli was an obstruction to true bliss consciousness. We should use an Image or idol for the focus and attention. Then eventually you have to divert your attention internally and go into a deep silence, eliminating all such external images. This leads you to the deep meditative state and lets you to experience supreme happiness or bliss.

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