Holistic Yoga New Year 2018 – Midnight Camp in Desert

2018 New Year – Start a New Way of Life!

The dominant part of the sufferings throughout individuals’ life today are from not from physical. It is from nonphysical. When I say nonphysical means, indeed, it is from your own mind.

Mind creates thoughts and intern creates emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, stress etc. So, is the mind, source of your problems today? Is that the reason many individuals search for outer chemicals as liquor, drugs and so on.… day-to-day basis to put off their mind temporarily?

The mind is not your problem. It has taken millions of years to evolve to the human mind what we are. Such a developed mind is not creating any sufferings for you sure. Many people have not learned the technique of how to handle the mind; that’s the problem.

If you learn the technique to switch on, direct and switch off mind whenever you needed, without using external chemical stimuli (ex: Alcohol), then you have full control over your mind. If your mind is in your control, your joy is in your hand. Your happiness is not dependent on any other external factors.

Most of us have very less or very negligible control over the external world whats happening. Getting 100 percent external controls humanly impossible. However, you can have 100 percent control within yourself.

Learn ancient yogic techniques how to be in full control of within yourself; the external world is not going to bother you anymore.

You are welcome to join Holistic Yoga New Year Desert Camp.

Start your New Year 2018 with a new way of life with Holistic Yoga!

Venue:              Behind Arabian Ranchers Desert, Dubai
Date :                31-DEC-2017 04:30PM – 01-JAN-2018 01:00 AM
Activities:        Desert Sunset View, Fun Filled Family Games, Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Satsang
Theme:            Welcome New Year with New Resolutions & Meditation!
Entry:               Free for All
For Details:     silja@mholisticyoga.com – 0554426561

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