Kriya Yoga is the Science of the Prana (Life Energy) control and Meditation which brings ease and order in our daily lives, clears emotional suffering, enhances creativity. It is the lightning path to Self-Realization.

      Yes, it is the quickest path to self-realisation/ moksha/ liberation. It burns the seeds of your negative karma and raises your spiritual consciousness/ vibrations. Asanas help to prepare the body to sit in meditation for long periods of time. Asanas also help to strengthen the nerves and the nadis to cope with the extra prana generated when practising our Kriya Yoga. It is akin to electricity flowing through the wire. The wires must be strong enough to carry the voltage and current else it will burn out.

    Anyone can learn these techniques. These are practised in sitting position with your back straight using breathing and meditating techniques. There are no complicated or difficult postures! Once you are taught these techniques, it is up to the individual as to how much sadhana (practice) they do and how often. The more regular and longer you sit in meditation the better. However, even 5 minutes a day of meditation is better than none!

    In Holistic Yoga, we teach different techniques of Kriya which varies from beginners to advanced students. Just 10 minutes of meditation is enough to refresh your focus by reducing the distracting thought patterns that exhaust your brain power. When you are a beginner in meditation start with 5 minutes and slowly increase the duration as we guide you.