Yoga is for anyone and any age

Today, there is a lot of misconception around yoga. Once yoga was exported to the rest of the world from Himalayan region especially to the western world; it got rebranded as something different.  Over the period and in the transition, it got lost the original essence of yoga.

Yoga has been marketed as a physical exercise; yoga means complicated bend and twisted poses of the body.

Because of this reason, many older adults think that it is for the younger generation. Due to my older age, I cant do such practices.

Yoga is much more than the physical exercise and impossible physical posse.  It is not limited to the physical aspect. It is a technology and a tool to see your physical health and life in a different dimension. It helps you to face day to day life challenges, to come out of stress, to bring calmness, clarity in thinking and much more…

Yoga does not belong to any religion.  There is a misconception around among a specific group of people that yoga belongs to a particular religion.  It is the entirely wrong idea.

Yoga is a technology; it has no religion or any other means of division.

Yoga is for anyone and any age.