Yoga – turn your eyes inward

Human five sense organs are always looking outward. Because of these organs, you could feel the touch, smell, taste, hear and see. These sense organs are necessary for the human survival.

These outward looking organs have got limitations – they can perceive only that physical by nature. There is another dimension beyond physical. Physical means, it has a defined boundary.  Anything which is beyond physical, boundless.

To understand that which is not physical, you need a different perceiving tool and method.  When we say turn your eyes inward doesn’t mean that you rotate your eyeballs and look inside you.   There is a distinct dimension to you which is beyond physical.  That can be accessed by only when your perceiving power goes beyond your usual senses and intellectual mind.  Sometimes that’s called your third eye.  It is nothing a different perception which is beyond human five sense organs and intellectual mind.

There are methods and practices which can lead a human to open up such perception or perceived power by looking inward.