Yoga with Modern Yogi Mahesh Vaidya

A magnificent yoga event has been organised by the followers of Holistic Yoga on 26th August 2018 in Chickaballapura, Karnataka, India. The event is aimed at spreading yoga awareness and human well-being to the society. “When we say human well being; it does not limit itself to physical health alone but also encompasses the human mind as well. It is a holistic approach towards human well being” says Mr Mahesh Vaidya founder of Holistic Yoga.

More than 250 yoga enthusiasts are set to participate in the event.  The participants will include regular yoga practitioners from different groups, police officers & trainees besides the general public, senior local & government officials – district collectors and students from schools & colleges.

Holistic Yoga founded in 2014 by Yogi Mahesh Vaidya, is a non-profit organisation. Mahesh a highly successful entrepreneur; is the owner and CEO of ISIT (a data storage and information security company based in UAE with 6 offices in the region).

In addition to technology, his passion extends to yoga, spirituality and healthy living. His mantra is ‘everything in moderation.’

Mahesh’s sole purpose to initiate and introduce the Holistic Yoga classes arose from his innate calling to spread the benefits of health and wellness to all around and in turn make this world a better place to live in forever. Between busy schedules of running a very successful company and flying to the US, China or South Africa for business, Mahesh sets aside time every week to impart his knowledge of yoga and spirituality to the community. His patience and commitment remaining steadfast during all his phases of life.

Mahesh was introduced to yoga at a very young age and has been diligently practising it for over 32 years. His genuine and unparalleled desire to bring forward a positive transformation in the community through healthy lifestyle changes is exemplary. What is further praiseworthy is that he has been doing so without any expectations or monetary benefits till date.

Mahesh will be giving his insights on yoga along with showcasing & promoting the benefits of regular practices during the event.

There has been a growing interest and excitement from the time the Yoga event has been announced with participants now eagerly looking forward to a session with their Modern Yoga Guru – Mahesh Vaidya.

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